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WooThemes WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes by WooThemes

Last week I published a showcase of my Top 20+ Sources for Pixel Perfect Premium WordPress Themes. This week, to kick-off the reviews section I’ll be introducing you to one of my favourite marketplaces for premium WordPress themes – WooThemes.

Applying Imagination to WordPress & Business. Providing the ultimate WordPress platform with premium themes, plugins and extensions for your site. – WooThemes

Introduction to WooThemes

Since 2008 WooThemes has grown from a team of 3 passionate WordPress enthusiasts into an international team of WordPress theme designers, developers and support ninjas who offer 84 premium WordPress themes and cater for a huge community of 446271 community members (at time of publishing). Their motto is “Applying Imagination to WordPress & Business” and I think they’ve succeeded – both their plugins and themes allow individuals and businesses to create stunning, feature-rich websites with relatively little fuss.

WordPress Themes by WooThemes

The huge portfolio of WordPress themes produced by WooThemes is enough to cover most niches and ensures that there’s a theme for just about any website project. All WooThemes are now also powered by a versatile WordPress framework called WooFramework which ensures a beautiful site with incredible flexibility. These two factors make it them firm favourite amongst WordPress designers and developers… and me too.

Our Favourite WooThemes

If you know your WooThemes you’ll most likely already have noticed that we’re currently running a customized version of the CoffeeBreak Theme which is definitely one of our all time favourites – something about the simplicity of customization, feature sliders management and mini-features functionality for the home page make this one of my go to themes for many types of projects. My other favourites include Empire, Postcard and City Guide.

Free Premium Quality WordPress Themes by WooThemes

WooThemes offer several premium quality WordPress themes for free as a way for you to test-drive their themes without shelling out a cent. With WooThemes, free doesn’t mean cheap, all the free themes feature elegant typography and beautiful layouts along with enhanced functionality.

If you want to check out their free wordpress themes, I’d recommend checking out Swatch and Bueno, two great looking WordPress themes. Swatch is a little more appropriate for using WordPress as a CMS and features a great looking customizable home page style along with features slider. Bueno on the other hand is more suited to a personal blog with and features a sexy design with a blog style front page.

WordPress Plugins by WooThemes

WooThemes now also produce and maintain a plethora of super-useful plugins to enhance your WordPress site management with powerful functionality which works independently of their themes.

WooThemes flagship plugin, WooCommerce, along with their powerful themes and extensions, can assist you by providing e-commerce facilities for your WordPress website which enable you to sell digital or physical products and take online orders with ease.

WooThemes Support Forums

WooThemes clients are supported by real people in 7 countries, across just about every time zone! WooThemes provide thorough documentation for all themes and plugins, making it them easy to deploy and configure. For those times when you need help the support forums are also a boon, jam-packed with helpful community members and information.

WooThemes Pricing

WooThemes offer several pricing options in order to accommodate individual and business users.

All WooThemes can be purchased individually as needed for around $70 (2 additional themes included for free) or you can join the WooThemes Club as a subsrciber to get access to all themes.

The Woothemes Club subsciption option is perfect for multi-site owners, freelancers, and web agencies requiring access to the entire WooThemes catalogue. The Standard Club Subscription option gets you access to all the themes but no PSD’s, if you would like the layered PhotoShop PSD files for each theme design, you’ll require a Developer Club Membership.

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