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Templatic WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes by Templatic

Last week I published my Review of Press75 WordPress Themes, as part of my ongoing series of blog posts featuring reviews of my Top 20+ Sources for Pixel Perfect Premium WordPress Themes. This week, I’m reviewing Templatic WordPress Themes, another marketplace for premium WordPress Themes which I’ve personally used on several occasions and I’m sure you will too once you discover the broad range of specific business applications for which their themes are developed.

We are a company specialized in creating beautiful app-like WordPress themes. – Templatic WordPress Themes

Introduction to Templatic WordPress Themes

Templatic, who celebrated their 5th birthday recently, have grown considerably since they launched with a handful of programmers and designers in 2008. Today Templatic is comprised of a growing team of more than 20 employees spanning 3 continents. Templatic now produce and maintain over 45 WordPress themes and cater for a large, ever-growing community of thousands users.

The goal at Templatic is to produce advanced, app-like Premium WordPress Themes catering for different niches to help you create an out of the box professional looking WordPress website, and I think they do a stellar job of delivering exactly that.

WordPress Themes by Templatic

With design and functionality being driven by the desire to provide advanced, app-like themes across a broad array of niches you are sure not only to find a theme for your business, but be able to create a professional looking website in a short time with minimal fuss. While some companies prefer to specialize in either design or functionality when it comes to designing premium WordPress themes, Templatic WordPress Themes offer users the best of both worlds. As a result of focus on both form and function, Templatic themes often eliminate the need for any additional plugins or extensions.

My Favourite Templatic WordPress Themes

I’ve been a Templatic WordPress themes customer ever since making use of two of their awesome WordPress themes for clients in Costa Rica a few years back, which brings me to two my favourite premium themes by Templatic.

The first is the GeoPlaces WordPress Theme, which I’ve made use of when building a local directory with reviews for a client in Costa Rica. Geo Places is more like a localized directory app than a theme, it’s mobile ready and features a fully widgetized home page, location maps and a reviews engine for venues and events. Like all themes from Templatic it comes with thorough setup instructions and documentation, free updates,and access to the Templatic support forums, making it the smart choice when setting out to build a great looking city directory and reviews website, you can even charge people to submit listings, set up packages and accept payments via the built-in payment gateway.

The second favourite premium WordPress theme by Templatic is Real Estate 2 WordPress Theme, which is a solid platform for building a real estate directories. The Real Estate 2 theme is crammed full of features including the ability to allow users to pay & publish properties on your site, create a unique submission forms using custom fields and a user dashboard which allows visitors to manage their own listings. Other features of the Real Estate 2 WordPress theme worth mentioning include IDX/MLS compatibility (enabled by dsIDXpress), custom user profile fields, bulk upload/export via .csv files, a coupon module and several built-in payment gateways.

Templatic WordPress Themes Support Forums

At Templatic support is provided to members only, customization assistance is limited, but there are a tons of skilled and knowledgeable Templatic designers in the marketplace who can assist with extreme customization jobs. Templatic provide a documents center and knowledgebase for theme guides, tutorials, guides and even videos. The community forum is also a great place to get help with specific themes, as well as commonly encountered workaround and fixes. There is also the Templatic helpdesk when you notice a bug in a theme or have affiliate/account/billing questions.

Templatic WordPress Themes Pricing

Templatic WordPress Themes, like most other marketplaces offer two pricing options; users can either purchase an individual theme, or purchase a Templatic Theme Club membership for access to all themes.

Individual WordPress Themes at Templatic range from free up to $99 for more advanced, app-like themes such as GeoPlaces, but most themes are priced under $70 bucks.

For designers, developers and agencies the Templatic WordPress Themes Club is definitely the way to go, with a once-off payment of $299 and $9 per month thereafter. Templatic’s Theme Club is a great way to get access to all the themes you could need to build WordPress blogs and websites for yourself or clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your website a facelift with one of Templatic’s out of the box professional WordPress solutions for your business.

visit Templatic

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4 Responses to “Review of Templatic WordPress Themes”

  1. manuel 13 May 2014 at 9:23 pm #

    I bought this theme for a client as sincerely it really looks promising in the website and with all features.
    It really helps to have a listing website.
    After 1 month of configuration of this theme I have realize that it have several problems which are not expected for a product like this considering the price.

    Latest version until 13 MAY 2014 have problems with the monetization module. It allow anyone to post unlimited listings for free packages. Paid packages contains errors as instruct user to pay for a subscription when they already have paid for one.

    Newsletter widget works partially and inconsistently, I ended up using a plugin to configure the newsletter functionality.

    The translation is really messy as translation files are in different folders and there is no professional documentation about where things are in which files, basically you have to trace the stuff and spend a lot of time customizing.

    Code is really bad written and not documented, after 10 years of coding experience, configuring out of the box systems this is one of the worst code I have ever seen, even for open source programs.

    Support in forums is not spectacular and sometimes you face the wall without short term solutions.

    If you will need to customize this theme you will face a lot of problems and spending time and money fixing what they have to fix.

    If you don’t need to customize it too much and you want a free website, go ahead as it contains several features.

    Don´t get me wrong the theme offer a lot of things but as some are badly tested or broken one of them can really hurt you if you need them.

    And yes they offer a fully functional front end and back-end, though is not really functional and you cannot really test all the process, receive all the emails and register stuff (at least for directory theme)

    They said that in the past they make mistake and the latest version have fixed problems, but I still experience problems, maybe they have a private version which I would be happy to receive.

    Lastly, this apply to the directory theme, so maybe for other themes you can have different experience.

    • Bronson 4 June 2014 at 12:47 pm #

      Thanks for the detailed feedback Manuel, I really apprecite it. Sorry for the belated reply though.

      I agree now that I too, am rebuilding a site using the newest version but it’s still early stages and I’ve not fully tested everything the new version offers yet.

      I prefer not to do too much customization, in order to keep things running smoothly, but it module functionality is broken, it’s a big deal and we’d all be better off seeking alternative slutions for building geo location directory websites.

      Thanks agian.

  2. Godwin 11 February 2015 at 5:01 pm #

    I bought the theme Directory and Child Theme yellow page in fact i have almost all their plugins ..

    I installed the theme everything seem to work good, anyways i had some issues and wrote their support and they always reply but not with the answer that will solve my issues.

    What really pissed me off is my adsense the only way i make from my site, i mean the only way i make money means am really pissed now whiles writing this.

    Adsense only display (Page not Found) or what you are looking for is not found, i didnt say anything and i wrote Google to be sure what the problem is. Google said there is issues with my site coding, i didn’t tell templatic, i went to my hosting and check everything with them and they also said everything is fine by their side now what the hell is the problem ? I wrote Templatic and they said there is no problem with their Theme. but anyhow i was able to know the problem am having is with the theme i mean templatic theme. I paid 189 for wordpress hosting and i thought maybe the problem will be my hosting and i changed the hosting to cPanel which i paid another 89$ and still the issue is not resolve so i know if not my fault or the hosting but its the theme coding somehow blocking the ads.

    my first mistake was not reading reviews before buying, am a new customer at least they should try to help me

    After all my problems i still recommend templatic to my friends which one want to join Club then i later told him to pause for my issue to be resolve first.

    Ok some facts I have Appthemes too after my issues with Templatic i install Appthemes and adsense works well on that, so now you know where the problem is. am not new to adsense to think am doing mistake

    Why i dropped Appthemes, when i saw templatic i fell in love with their themes and i didnt even think twice before buying it

    If you are reading this before buying you might be lucky. Adsense is what makes everyone get money so can you imagine you and adsense didn’t work ?

    i will still post here is my issues has been resolve but if it not resolve i will add more post here and other forums


    • Bronson 9 March 2015 at 9:52 pm #

      Sorry for the belated reply, but thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback.

      I’ll definitely take a more in-depth look at Templatic before recommending or using any more of theor themes.

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